We All Have To Start Somewhere…

We all have to start somewhere. This is not the beginning of my poker career but it’s perhaps the beginning of surgically addressing my leaks.

After a year of private coaching I’ve come a long way in understanding the game however at this point it’s clear that there are some opportunities that I need to chase to take my game to the next level.

After getting felted to some brutal coolers in Macau I decided to take my game to the (online) streets to get surgical in to discovering my leaks and opportunities, flushing them out with data.

I put in a solid 2 months of smashing volume on Natural 8. I discovered Rush n Cash in month 2 and I now put in volume in regular Hold Em and Rush n Cash and doing about 2 live sessions/week at about 5hrs/session.

For 2 months I thought I was crushing my online games but couldn’t figure out why my account balance wasn’t going up. I only discovered last week that my graphs in N8 don’t account for rake so I would need another tool if I wanted to find out exactly how I was doing.

When I checked my graphs in PokerCraft everything looked good. Solid green line trending in the right direction…

…and pretty good results in all positions.

For the longest time I thought there was actually something wrong with my account and N8 must owe me about $800. I had a chat with GG service about this and they told me I can’t rely on PokerCraft for my actual results. The only way to monitor actual results is checking my account balance. This wasn’t very helpful – how can I find my leaks if I’m being deceived by these graphs.

I needed a tool that would account for rake. Enter Hand2Note. I fumbled through the process of converting my database in to a format that works in H2N and anxiously awaited its output.

Finally, the output…

And then the realization. I am objectively bad, empirically bad.

How shameful. All that study and private coaching only to find out I have a disgusting red line.

After rethinking my career for a few hours I had a second realization… rake is insane. What a bunch of greedy #*!&s. Look at all that money going down the drain. I had to ask myself if this game is even beatable. I couldn’t answer this but I did have a third realizaiton…

…this is actually great news. I have a terrible red line and I’m not really losing. That means if I fix my red line I should be doing pretty well. Lots of people have strong red line results and they’re doing well. If I can just flip my red line all the other lines will flip with it – including win/loss.

Boom! Leak #1 found. This gave me a ton of motivation. I’ve narrowed it down to my greatest opportunity and now begins the process of understanding and repairing my red line.

The process begins. Stay tuned to follow the journey to repair my red line and more!