First Signs of Progress

So it’s a little over a week in to the experiment, I’ve made some changes that will start to address the red line. After checking my stats vs some benchmarks I found a few opportunities that I’ve turned in to commitments. Namely:


  1. Increase call vs 3bet pre
  2. Make my way in to more pots vs fish


  • Bluff more rivers
  • Bluff catch more
  • Bet more on river in general where I’m expecting to win by checking down

There are some more but these are the main adjustments.

Overall my mindset has shifted a bit from being concerned about not making a mistake vs what GTO would do to trusting myself to go on offense and allowing myself to make mistakes – especially during the process of implementing new adjustments to my regular strategy.

I’ve been having some issues with and am still fumbling around with Hand 2 Note. It seems like a powerful tool but it’s not very user-friendly and the fact that I play on Natural 8 (GG) means that I need to convert files. It doesn’t seem to update my graphs and reports when I import my hands but it will do so at some point later on. I haven’t figure out its intricacies yet.

To the important part – how have my results changed since implementing these changes?

As a reminder, here’s where I was starting with:

Here is the first day after implementing the adjustments:

Some immediate improvement can be seen in the red line and it seems like that flipped the other lines out as well. It was nice to see some positive changes even though the same size was small. At first it seemed like the flip in the red line was all I needed to get my results on track.

How would this play out over a larger sample? It’s not a straightforward answer…

In the beginning there was a steady increase in red line and everything else, then it kind of tailed off in a pretty dramatic way. What you see with the blue line was me getting with some coolers, suck outs, making some mistakes and pretty much just losing in every way imaginable very quickly.

Strangely I don’t think this is any reason for concern – the losing I mean – but I’d really like to figure out if there are tactical things I was doing differently during the positive run in the red line and if I changed or reverted back to old ways or if this is just normal poker stuff (variance) happening.

As an aside, it did overall feel like I was fighting for more pots and sometimes I think I may have pushed it a bit too far. I think there’s probably a balance of going for value on every river and still being responsible.

So where are we now? It doesn’t seem like as straightforward as flipping the red line will lead to the results I’m looking for. Clearly there is some sort of balancing act I need to figure out.

I’m hoping H2N can provide some clarity. I just need to learn how to use it properly.

In the meantime I’m pressing on with implementing the adjustments.