Lab Report – Interim Update on Stat Check

I recently completed an interim stat check to see how I’m progressing since my previous check about 2 weeks ago where I had identified some leaks.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s important:

What’s on track:

Folding more pre from BB

What still needs work:

Increase 3b freq from SB and BB vs CO and BTN

Decrease 4b freq

Fold more on flop vs large sizing

Fold more on flop as PFC in 3bp

X/R more vs 25f and 50f

What’s gotten derailed:

Fold to 3b has gotten out of rhythm. Revert to previous strat of calling with pp and scs.

Folding freq on turn and river has gone up a bit too much

Priority drills for the next 2 weeks:

  • SB and BB vs CO and BTN – look to increase 3b freq
  • 2bp flop defense vs big bets
  • 3bp flop defense
  • X/R vs 25f and 50f
  • Defense vs BB
  • Turn barreling