Current Study Routine

So far I’ve set things up so my daily routine covers my primary opportunities for improvement as well as satiates my need to know what I messed up from the previous day.


  1. Updating Workflowy to-do list
  2. Reviewing heuristics for opportunity zones
  3. Detailed review of previous day’s hand history
    • Usually includes studying spots for my biggest EV losses and biggest pot losses
    • I also try to find spots that I’m practicing to see if I played them according to plan
  4. Review of notes from audio recorder
    • It’s set to auto record whenever I make a sound so it picks up a lot of swearing mostly
  5. Documenting learnings from review in main Accountability document
  6. Drilling weakest spots
  7. Documenting drill scores and learnings from GTOW in Accountability document
  8. Review hero and pool leaks
  9. Body awareness


  1. Full stat check
  2. Detailed review of progress against previous stat check opportunities discovered
  3. Set targets for next 2-3 weeks

After the daily routine I try to get some reps in – i.e. playing some tables. I usually aim for an hour of play and then a regroup by which time it’s usually time for lunch. The rest of my day depends on workload, whether or not I’m playing live, whether it’s a gym day, etc.