Do You Know These Top Tips for Winning Your Way to EPT Live Events on PokerStars?


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Just a few weeks ago, Razvan Belea reigned supreme in the 2023 EPT €5,300 Paris Main Event for a huge €1,170,000. And what makes the story even greater is that Belea booked his seat at the table for a tenth of the buy-in after winning a ticket from $530 online satellite on PokerStars.

Belea’s accomplishment is also less than a year removed from when Grzegorz Glowny, another online qualifier, took down the rescheduled 2021 EPT €5,300 Prague Main Event.

The online satellites to PokerStars Live Events, such as the EPT, are a fantastic way for players looking to play marquee events for the first time at a fraction of the price. So, PokerNews thought it’d be wise to share some top tips for online satellites to help players boost their chances of winning their way to coveted live poker tournaments.



Early Stage Play for Online Satellites

The early stages of an online satellite are the bits between the events start and when the average stack reaches the 25-30 big blind mark. At this point, you want to treat the satellite like a regular multi-table tournament.

The goal here is to gain as many chips as possible with your strong hands while also keeping an eye on protecting your stack. This is the stage where you want to identify the weak and strong players in the field so you can adapt your game accordingly for further down the line. Knowing which players you want to avoid in the middle and late stages of the satellite will help you avoid getting into some tricky spots where your tournament life could be on the line.

PokerStars Qualifier Razvan Belea Cruises to Victory in 2023 EPT Paris €5,300 Main Event (€1,170,000)

Middle Stage Play for Online Satellites

As mentioned, the middle stages of an online satellite are when the average stack is at the 25-big blind mark. Perhaps half the field or so remains, but there is still quite some time before the bubble nears.

This is where you may want to change your usual MTT strategy up. Tournament survival becomes the primary goal, and adding chips to stay ahead of the short stacks is extremely important.

If you’ve been tackling the satellite with a tight image, you can use this against players you’ve tagged as folders and passive players. Much of the field will try to fold into places that payout a seat, so you do not want to miss out on opportunities to steal the blinds.

And again, you want to go for max value with your made hands. There ate very few reasons to try and get trappy as it may result in you missing out on picking up a handful of crucial chips, which could be all the difference in you getting or falling short of the prize.